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If today is indeed the end of the world I hope it all ends with a visit from Galactus.

This may be the coolest Galactus I’ve ever seen.



Poor l’il Curiosity discovers NASA’s terrible secret up on the surface of Mars.

Reblogs appreciated! Please?

This is gorgeous.


me drawing Supergirl.

So good.

Here’s a quick piece I did this morning. Mal from Firefly.

The Bumble Snow-monster of the North. With beads. Also, banana runt.


We’re happy to announce that The Many Monsters of Sadness has been accepted into the Nashville Film Festival, and the film will have its World Premiere at the festival. We’ll also be doing a Cincinnati Premiere on May 6. Tickets will go on sale for that soon.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed time or money to make this film happen.

- Motke Dapp and Ryan Hartsock

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